Tie Clip

Tie Clip

Tie clips are, for the most part metal. The metal is normally a silver color and can sometime be silver. Though you may want to be careful because tie clasps or tie pins could be easy targets for thieves or can simply be lost then found by someone else.
There are many kinds of tie clips, the basic idea is all the same, to clip the tie together and make it look good or better in the process. The tie clip or clasp can be very important. You don't want to mess it up if you are going to wear one.  If you don't have a tie clip don't worry,  some ties actually have a little loop in the back that you can stick the thinnker part of the tie through so that it won't swing free and make you look like a sloppy person, although mistakes do happen. 
How to wear a tie clip which will hopefully answer your question.

How to Wear a Tie Clip 

Many people like to wear old tie clasps or tie clips because they have an interesting history behind them and make for a good conversation piece. For this reason there are many antique tie clasps out there. Sometime it isn't the shininess of the clasps but the intricacy of the design or just the uniqueness of the design.  Now comes the innevitable question.  How do you wear a tie clip?  Some of how you wear a tie clip depends on the type of person you are.  There is always some flexibility as to where you wear it and how you wear the clip for the tie.  Now really, there is not set height for where to wear the tie clip, but you don't want to look like a fool.  I try to wear the tie clip somewhere on the tie where the tie will just barely not be entirely covered by the tie clip.  If that is not doable and you are wearing a suit then you could wear it slightly above the where your shirts starts to show or below if you really want to.  It's up to you, if you wear the clip below the coat no on will notice and there will be no slipping of the tie.  Most tie clips are put on from the right side of the chest to the left with the left being the open side of the clip, though some may be made the other way.  Now go out there, look your best or stay here and look around for more ideas on how to look even better.

What Tie Clip Should you wear?

Republicans, for example, may like to wear elephant tie clasps or wear something that represents there party. Democrats do the same thing, but instead of the elephant they wear a donkey, their party sign. It should be noted that you can just play it safe and wear a red white and blue one or one that has to do with the flag or the bald eagle.  Either a clip or a clasp will do and now you are off to the ball.  But before you leave, try taking a look at some of the other pages.

Expensive and Antique Tie Clips 

  It's best not to have to worry about the expense of the tie clip constantly.  The tie clip you wear and how you wear it could depend on the croud or soley on you the clip wearer.  Feel free to shop around because there are loads of tie clips out there.  You might be surprised at what you find.  You might just come a cross a tie clip that you find perfect for you.  So now that you know a little bit about tie clips.  Antique tie clips are pretty cool and, i find, they are more interesting than expensive ones because they are rare and have a story.  Especially when the age kind of shows.  Although expensive tie clips are nice if they are not over done.

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