Short Tie

Short Tie

Is the short tie making a come back?  What is the short tie coming back from?  It is true, short ties were never very popular.  Their short and stubby nature left much to be desired.  They did not seem to go well with the rest of the body.  With a normal length tie you get a descent amount of coverage straight down the middle of you chest and most of your stomach.  This give a nice symmetric appearance and creates a generally even pattern.  With a short tie is more like a blip or a small piece that just juts out on to the shirt.  Now with the right tools this can be very fashionable and can become a great success but most people just don't know how to do this.  Today i think more people are getting tired of every day fashion and are venturing out into yesterdays failures or less successful designs... especially in the world of ties.  I am not sure, however, if short ties are something to look into.  They still leave much to be desired.  I think for the most part the short tie was mastered and out done by the ascot.

Why Not Short Ties?

Well, unless you know what you are doing or you wear it with confidence you may just look silly and it may come across as a joke because not too many people where short ties or are even aware that short ties are actually a category of ties.  Now people in the fashion industry may know this, but it is better to be safe then silly.  Short ties, I think, are more for either really tall people, in which case it has to be the right size color and with the right clothing, for people who are shorter than the average person or someone slightly out of the norm.  I think the short tie  is by no means for the average Joe.  I think the average person made their mind up a long time ago when the tie took over and exploded in popularity and that hasn't changed and does not look like it will change at least not for the foreseeable future.

Where to find Short Ties?

You may have to look online as todays stores cater to the masses and not the people who have individual and more unique taste.  You can always ask a tailor to make one for you or make one yourself, but your best bet is to look for short ties online.  Make sure you get the specifics of it to make sure it is a good size.

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